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"Who better to watch your back, than your own Shadow?"

Our philosophy here is simple -- involve the user in the design and building process: release early, release often, and listen. You can see by our rapid development and busy mailing lists that we truly work this way. If you like (or dislike!) what you see just let us know, and we'll try and fix it in the next release - which is often only a week or two away.

In following with our belief that good software should be inexpensive, updates and support are always free, so update often! We'll never hold you back!

October 2007
BattleJewels - a new action puzzle roleplaying game released!

BattleJewels is the fusion of many genres of game into one addictive whole - easy to pick up as a Match-Three puzzler, yet action oriented with spell casting and an opponent out to get you. Pick up and play mobile gaming including mid-game save - dive into the extra features when you have the time. Customize your character by gathering experience to level up, buying and selling equipment in the store, and growing your skills and spells and class in a direction of your choice. Casual gamers will enjoy the puzzling and the hard-core will love tweaking out their character to crush the opponents!

More information at the website

March 2007
Quiet? Chugging along nicely - and with a little one in the family!

People keep asking, so I thought I'd just post on the front page; I've never been anyone if not chatty and open. Yes, Codejedi is still operating just fine and various applications are still under active development - we just got thrown for a loop when the little one arrived :) Theres new work on the table, and I'm looking to trim the fat and get leaner and meaner while we ride this ever changing PDA and smartphone market. Various alphas and betas are floating around and we're on top of the support inbox and whatnot, and I expect development to get back on track one of these moments :) The wiki should be up very soon thanks to some help. Thanks for all your concern .. when chatty folks get quiet, you get get a lot of email!

Friday June 30th 2006
Shadow Plan 4.4.1 Coming Soon!

A beta version of the application was released a few weeks back and everyone seemed to enjoy it; feel free to use it now, but be mindful -- it is a beta (not fully tested.) Get it here.

Thursday August 25th 2005
Shadow Plan 4.3.1 Release!  (Download)

Runs on StyleTap We've done the usual growing of features on both handheld and desktop, while also ensuring full compatability with the latest devices (including working around numerous 'oddities' left in the devices by their designers!) Linux is now an officially supported platform so you can run Shadow Plan now on Palm OS, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, all fully compatible between each other. Its a free update as we continue to be foolish, so upgrade away! One interesting note is that Shadow Plan can be run on Pocket PC devices now using the StyleTap compatibility layer - see link on the right. The 'brief summary' of updates is here

Windows Handheld + Desktop download
Handheld-only download
Mac OSX download
Linux download
Windows Desktop-only download


Monday July 4th 2005
Shadow Plan 4.1.20 Public Beta  (Download)

It's been awhile since our last formal release, so we thought we'd make sure everyone is up to speed with the latest goods -- it gets you the latest features and patches for your device and it helps us get the highest quality for the next release. So be sure to give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts and experiences. If you just want the handheld file, get it here.

The current Linux alpha is here

Tuesday April 5th 2005
Shadow Desktop Update for Tungsten T5 and Treo 650  (Download)

The latest two PalmOne devices are very nice indeed, hosting many great new features. It is important to note that PalmOne released these devices with a few system nuisances and bugs present. Most of the oddities are merely troublesome but some can be quite annoying to users (across any application, not just Shadow Plan). This small update is a workaround so that Shadow Plan synchronization from handheld to Shadow Desktop works as expected. This update is only required for the Treo 650 and T|T5 devices, and will be included in the next official application suite update for all devices.
For some additional details, see the README in the update download.

Monday March 28th 2005
Shadow Plan Updates Coming Soon!

Spring is here, the snow is melting, and Easter is behind us .. but no lazy days here at Codejedi! This little announcement is just to let you know that a Shadow Plan update is on its way. Major development is winding down and the testing is coming along. We expect some public betas to ensure all is well and a full release after that so stay tuned and enjoy the wonderful Spring air!

Monday December 20th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.1 Released!  (Download)

An update to the premier outliner and checklist for Palm OS -- just in time for the holidays! (Perfect to help out planning all those ski trips..) We've updated all our main platforms -- the handheld, the Windows and Mac OSX desktops, and the Linux build is coming along shortly!

Click to download the Windows and Handheld bundle
Click to download the Mac OSX and Handheld bundle (Updated)
Click to download the Handheld only download

We at Codejedi want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and holiday New Years. Be safe and warm and show everyone why spending time with your family is more important than ever!

Wednesday September 22nd 2004
Shadow Plan 4 for Mac OSX! (first public beta)  (Download)

This is the all new Shadow Plan Desktop for Mac OSX that you've all been waiting for! This version is very stable and usable (though it still has a few minor nits within it). The latest handheld application is included as well. Being that it is all new software please beat it up and let us know any issues (if any) you run into. Be sure to read the README.txt included in the distribution for installation and usage details. Note that this first release cannot print, but should otherwise be fully functional. Updated to 4.0.10.

Wednesday September 1st 2004
Shadow Plan 4.0.5 Beta  (Download)

This minor update includes a few fixes and improvements; it is being rushed out in order to address a few concerns some few people have with regards to the 4.0.1 release. 1) A very small number of folks have run into an issue where running the Shadow Desktop application runs it, but it does not become visible on their screen. 2) A very few people have a problem where their registry refuses to take updates during hotsync which confuses the 4.0.1 desktop. 3) The behaviour for managing linked ToDo and Datebook items changed slightly in 4.0.1, which is good for a lot of people; this update provides an option so that you can use this new behaviour, or (the default) of the previous behaviour from before 4.0.1. Just download this zipfile, open it up, and run the new installer. (This patch replaces the 4.0.4 patch of late August.)

Tuesday July 27th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed!  (Download)

Fresh from the oven comes Shadow Plan 4.0! Improvements across the board but most notable is an all new Shadow Desktop component that will blow you away. A highly flexible interface adjusts to your needs and supports international languages straight out of the box - it will improve your workflow and make your Shadow usage faster and more fun. This first release of the new desktop focuses on Windows users with full Mac OSX and Linux versions coming along very soon.

There is also a special Windows Desktop-only Edition, for those who have no handheld and who do not intend on getting a handheld; it will not talk to a PDA, but will install and work properly on in a Windows-only environment. Get it by clicking here!

Handheld translation modules will follow soon; keep an eye on this space!

Wednesday April 7th 2004
Codejedi Quickies!

Summer is quickly approaching but we're not idle here (though the BBQ is ready to fire up!) -- we're busy working on an all new Shadow Desktop for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux) which is coming along very nicely and we're sure you'll be impressed! We've also released a number of freebie tools and games to give everyone a smile -- CaSTaway, Kronos, ZGrab and other tools have all enjoyed updates, and we introduced a new tool.. Columbo. So hang tight, theres some exciting stuff going on here!

Saturday January 10th 2004
Shadow Plan 3.1 Unleashed!  (Download)

This is a mini update for the 3.0 release to patch a few issues some people experienced, to add Treo 5-way support, to add a few things to the desktop, and in general shake the dust off little! Be sure to pick up this update especially if you've got the latest units like the Palm Tungsten T|T3, Sony UX-50, the Garmin iQue or even the wonderful Tapwave Zodiac. Of course its a free update!

For details, see WhatsNew.
Update: German language plugin here
Beta: Spanish language plugin (in testing!) here
Beta: French language plugin (in testing!) here

Wednesday November 26th 2003
XCade 1.5.4  (Download)

This download is the work in progress version as we do some basic growth; changes since 1.5.0 are for landscape mode and supporting the Tapwave Zodiac; if you've been happy with XCade 1.5.0 you likely don't need this update, but if you have a Sony UX device or a Zodiac, you'll need and love this for sure!
Get the OSX Rommer tool here!

Sunday October 19th 2003
Shadow Plan 3.0 Unleashed!  (Download)

There is a lot going on in Palm OS these days; the Palm Tungsten T|T3 has a drop dead gorgeous display, the Sony UX-50 has a wide screen layout, the Garmin iQue offers fullscreen... and Shadow Plan supports them all! Fullscreen, rotation to landscape, all of it! Included are some cool new handheld features to make your life easier, a desktop that is restyled to be more streamlined for your use and some features you've often requested. Codejedi software updates are always free to registered customers!

For details, see WhatsNew.
Update: German language plugin here

Friday October 17th 2003
Palm OS Coding Contest 2003!

While everyone anxiously awaits their Zodiacs we thought we'd stir up a little fun! If you've got some development skills, please consider joining into our little contest. You can join as a team if you like, or you can simply hang out and help judge! We're trying to get some prize sponsorship as well, but already its a pretty good pot in a couple of contests, so be sure to take a look here!